Crossing the Street

person carrying bag walking on pedestrian lane


I previously only had a rough draft for this. Honestly it is made up of bits and pieces that I jotted down quickly as my brain flooded with thoughts of a possible blog. This was months ago. Winter still in fact, and the current season is summer. I remember this day vividly however, the one we are going to talk about in this here blog – it’s what got me back into the writing Genre and so I figured it’d be the best first release.


Yes, this blog’s body is old but the context is fresh, in fact I just wrote it today because I’m a procrastinator and I write best under pressure. I have a catalog of completed blogs and one’s that are like this one here – blogs that were just words mashed up before I penned all my thoughts. Also, the Blog that I had prepared and ready for today would better suit a later date so here we are.


I forgot to introduce myself, please excuse my behavior. I am Sonneblom Lex, or at least that is the name that I will be penning under. Writing has always been my release and here recently it’s been my savior from a dark cloud. My hopes for you is that you find a release, motivation, and inspiration from the words you read and share it with someone else who needed it just like you. The name Organic Encounters derived from this very blog.


I was taking my mother to work in mid-February. If you are from Kansas City you know that our weather is iffy, one minute it’s hot, the next it’s cold. This day it happened to be a nice day. The temperature was around 50 or 60 degrees out and there were a lot of people walking downtown as I approached my mother’s office. A woman walked in between two cars – the two cars happened to be taller than her so as she walked into oncoming traffic she was not seen. Luckily for her the car in front of me slammed on their brakes just in time to avoid an accident or even worse taking that poor woman’s life.


This moment stood out to me for a variety of reasons but the main thing that I took from it is how we fail to look both ways before we cross the street all throughout our lives. We jump and make hastily decisions forgetting to think about a plan and then execute it effectively. We rush into meetings unprepared. We leave our homes without all our belongings. We get married and start families before we are ready. We do a lot of crossing the street without looking both ways in all aspects of life – and when things fall apart or go south or we are smacked by a car our response is why didn’t I just look both ways in advance? Why didn’t I plan? Why didn’t I prepare?


In life you have two different paths just the same as when you are about to cross the street. As a child you are taught that prior to walking into the street you should peek your head out just a little and look both ways. Left and Right. Both have different types of traffic – coming at you from different directions. Each vehicle holds a different person heading to a different destination. It’s easy to remember that when you are about to cross the street that you must look both ways to avoid any misfortunes but for some odd reason when looking at our life and the two paths we have in front of us rather left or right we often approach it just as the lady in front of the vehicle had – blind.


Just as the woman had the chance to jump back and the driver had the chance to press down on their brakes – you can press pause on your life and jump back into preparation. Back into where you should have started. Back to figuring out all the pieces – making sure that when you approach the path again that you are fully aware of your surroundings and the possible outcomes that happens with life. As adults we often fear the thought of starting over or venturing into a path that is unknown – cheating ourselves of the road that could lead us to a new destination. Today, I challenge you to find a path in your life that you jumped into before looking both ways and take a moment to jump back and better prepare yourself for the journey that lies ahead.


-With Love, Sonneblom Lex.


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Fall Fun Original 06/14/2018

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