The Lion that Roared with Confidence

The Lion that Roared with Confidence
Sonneblom Lex
June 21, 2018


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Confidence…. This is a subject that touches me in more ways than one – something that I have rejoiced over and something that has saddened me to the core. At points my confidence has been so high that no-one, I mean no one could tell me any different about myself or my ways. I was the ish and that was just it; however, as life happened my confidence wavered and at points it went away all together.

As I sit in the park and type this I find myself amazed at the beauty surrounding me. Kansas City skyline stands off in the distance, well known neighborhoods can be seen, and trees envelop my sight every time I turn my head.  As I sit cross legged in the grass I admire the beauty and essence of the many trees throughout this park. And then it dawns on me… confidence is everywhere and can be seen through anything. My take on confidence is very similar to the definition – it’s a trait that one possesses where they are sure of themselves or their actions – knowing and proudly admitting that they are bold and fearless throughout their endeavors.

“Honestly, I cannot recall a moment where someone has spoken about confidence regarding anything other than people – however I plan to change that today.”

The beauty of nature is that it’s always sure of itself – it doesn’t require the assurance of anyone or anything, it performs accordingly to how it should perform and it stands with confidence in its true form – its current form. Recently I went bald – when I say bald I mean I practically have a fade, there is very little hair on the top of my head and although it was done on accident I love it. I have been what we call natural for over ten years and approximately every three years I cut it all off and start growing it again – however when I cut it last year I decided that I would rock the short look for a while. I initially went in to the Barbershop wanting the same cut that I had cut last year however the barber cut it lower than I expected; however, when I looked in the mirror I felt a sense of relief – I felt beautiful and happy about the way I looked.

Can I tell you a secret? At the start of this year my hair was close to shoulder length, although one would have never known (shrinkage is real chile’) I embraced it but couldn’t find the confidence I once had. Honestly my entire look was different, I was thinner than I had ever been, I wasn’t in the best place in life, and I just felt ehhh. When I cut my hair, I realized that I had somehow tied my beauty and my confidence to this small feature – however once it was gone I felt a sense of freedom, a sense of pride. To make matters even better every time I step out of my home someone stops me to compliment my latest look and my huge smile. Bingo! My confidence was back. Sad huh? I relied on a hairstyle and a few compliments for my confidence to be intact.


“I sat with a few of my girlfriends around the pool a few weeks back and one of my dear friends advised me that she loved how confident and bold I was… My mouth dropped!”


Although she is a dear friend she is also someone fairly new to my life and majority of the time she’s known me I thought I was everything but bold and confident however what I exuded was just that – bold, fearless, and confident beyond measure. This revelation touched me in so many ways and made me really do a double take in the mirror one. I became fixated on exploring a journey of self-healing and self-love while growing into an even better me.

As women we often go through phases of feeling beautiful or pretty, times where we compare our features to one another’s, times that we try to determine how we measure up to other women and to be honest it’s a shame. A true shame. The confidence we seek can only come from within and I realized just how we can obtain it – how I obtained it. It’s quite simple if I do say so myself. The only trait you must possess to be Confident, Bold, and Fearless is to have an open perspective.

In March I decided to acquire new perspectives and to jump into them head first – to allow my mind to be opened to new concepts and ideas – new thoughts and actions and through this I was given my confidence back. I accepted those things about myself that I just didn’t like and drew up a plan on how to change some of them and how I could become okay with the things that I could not change.

“I changed the perspective that I had of myself by simply allowing myself to be happy in the moment, for the moment, and after the moment.”

To embrace each new thing that came my way as a compliment and not a subtraction of who I am or what I possess – so just like nature all around us I became content with who I am, how I am, and what I do. Today I challenge you to find your confidence that you lost and to remember WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU ARE, AND WHAT YOU POSSESS.

Raise your Crown Queen!

Love, Sonneblom Lex


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