Hey, Girl. Heyyyy

December 6, 2018


Hey, Girl. Heyyyy

lit1Photo: 11/22/2018


Hmmm, where do I begin? What’s #MyGirlStory? What details made me who I am today? What did or didn’t happen that shifted my view and brought me to where I currently am? I’ve sat and thought about that question quite a bit over the last two weeks. Truthfully, I could’ve made a simple small post when I posted the picture rocking this super cute outfit but I wanted it to be real and raw and sometimes real and raw isn’t short, so here it is.


If I’m being honest a lot happened, more than I care to divulge today but I will share three key things that brings me to #MyGirlStory.


  • I was raised by two strong women, one being my mother and the other being her mother. They didn’t always know what they were doing or if it was the right way, but any great quality you find in me directly stems from those two. From my giving ways, to my need to always be doing something, down to me being a chatty cathy regardless if it’s with a stranger.
  • I grew up in the suburbs, the hood, and the “in-between” so my view of life, people, and my surroundings has allowed me a chameleon. I can go into any room, in any crowd, with any people and talk to them like we’ve been best friends all our lives. I love to talk and people love talking to me.
  • It took me twenty-five years to figure out who I truly am and I’m damn proud of what I’ve learned. I’m resilient. I’m strong. I’m loud and bold. I’m courageous. I’m a room captivator. I’m a lover and nurturer. I’m a spoiled baby who can be sweet as pie or as fiery as the flames coming out of a forest fire.


If I had to describe #MyGirlStory in one sentence, or maybe one paragraph:

My story is still being written but what I’ve learned is to seize every moment of every day; take in the things around you. Smell the fresh air and enjoy the time with your loved ones while they are in front of you. Don’t wait on your dreams and never go with the practical route because at the end of the day your happiness is what really matters. Go outside, be social, talk to strangers, and never get so used to the way things are that you aren’t willing to accept new perspectives or new ideas. Love and when you love, love hard and unapologetic-ally, I mean if you don’t put yourself out there you will block the chance of seeing what genuine love feels like and what someone else has to give. Lastly, be happy! You can be sad, depressed, moody, or angry but honestly it’s just wasted energy. Do whatever it takes for you to be happy because life is not promised pass the second you are currently in.


To participate in #MyGirlStory follow the hashtag via Instagram and checkout my good friend Jasmine Diane’s #GirlLine featured at JasmineDiane.com.  #MyGirlStory had me on the search for this super cute tee all year and I’m so glad I found it and got the chance to share my story with you all. *Fun Fact GIRL is literally my favorite word. If you are a woman I will call you girl, LOL. I even call my Mom and Ganma, GIRL. because it’s just my thing – always has, always will be. Y’all can only imagine how special I felt when I won this t-shirt in one of Jas’ giveaways she did earlier this year, it was like she read my mind and sent me my favorite thing. Be sure to follow her and check out her merchandise and when you cop your GIRL tee, share your #MyGirlStory too.


Hey Girl Heyyyy, Sonneblom Lex


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