December 8, 2018
Sonneblom Lex




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Releasing the words inside of me,

It’s like they’re pent up ready to burst,

Like a gush of wind in a Autumn day,

I look around puzzled and afraid,

Why is it I just can’t let it be,

Why must I be forced to pick it up and face it,

It’s like my breath is caught in my chest,

I can’t think of my next step,

I want to release so it’s not trapped inside of me,

I mean it’s words that merely hurt me,

I mean it’s thoughts that I try avoiding,

I mean it’s feeling I want to keep away from me.

See, my release…

My release normally comes from me writing,

It normally comes after I’ve told a story or typed one out,

It’s not coming,

Different phases and stages have created new places to venture down,

Old things that have been there for ages suddenly seem different now,

Old mechanisms aren’t working and I’m feeling bold,

See, before my release came from writing, but I wonder what this next chapter holds.


– Sonneblom Lex




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