Women Complimenting Women

December 26, 2018
Sonneblom Lex





As you all know I’ve taken a much needed year-end break from Social Media and well.. much of the world in general. No television, no social outings, just reading, reflecting, and renewing my spirit for the year to come. It’s been an amazing fast and although I am sad that it’s departure came so quickly, I am beyond ecstatic to return to my second favorite day of the week…. Wednesdayyyyy





nature red girl modelWith that, I need YOUR help!

Pweaseeee! (pouts lip and smiles real big)

My schedule is about to drastically change in the coming weeks and my free time will be very limited so I need YOU to help me find more Women that we can Compliment and Acknowledge for being a flawed-beauty who is about her business. 






                                                                         Here’s what you have to do:

anniversary art birthday bow

  1. Check out the previous post featuring all the women we have nominated thus far.
  2. Check out & follow a few of your favs
  3. Go through your followers on Instagram & Facebook and find Five Women that are Female Entrepreneurs.
  4. Screenshot their Business & Personal page & then DM me.

*The top 3 women that send me a list will be entered into a Valentines Give Away package & you don’t want to miss all of the goodies we have in store.



Happy Women Complimenting Women Day

Love, Sonneblom Lex


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