If I Could Live the Dream

If I Could Live the Dream
Sonneblom Lex
March 7, 2019
Photo Credit: Briauna Walls


If I could live the dream,

It’d be a place so free,

A house on acres,

Land flowing freely,

A tractor ride each morning,

The smell of mahogany,

Babies crying, toddlers laughing,

A big happy family,

It happens to be somewhere far off in my dreams,

The life, the luxury..

Of the small things,

The things that go unnoticed until you’ve been stripped of everything,

The coffee, the muffins,

The kisses and the cuddles,

All of it has this beautiful ring,

And it shines so brightly from my fingertips – to my earrings,

From the horses freely running – to me facing fear while smiling,

The life, the dream,

Doesn’t consist of the fancy things,

Just a big house,

With a big porch and maybe a swing,

Space to enjoy each other’s company,

And the luxury of living in peace,

With God in the center of everything,

We face each battle as a team,

The life, the dream,

Consists of parties and loving,

Bonding and growing,

Accelerating at our dreams,

Coffee at the break of dawn,

Sun barely shining,

The life, the dream

Is mimosas on the beach,

It’s skydiving in Dubai,

Spontaneous road trips to places nearby,

It’s freedom and happiness,

Dogs barking, cats purring,

The lake, the crickets,

The sweet sounds of birds chirping,

It’s a beautiful thing just watch and see…


Author: Sonneblom Lex

Writing has always been my release. My hopes for you is that you find a release, motivation, and inspiration from the words you read and share it with someone else who needed it just like you. With Love, Sonneblom

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