Caged Bird

Caged Bird

March 28, 2019

Sonneblom Lex

Photo Credit: Briauna Walls

You ever seen someone you love locked up and caged like a bird?
Free to see, free to hear, but not allowed to touch, can’t even be near.

See, I remember the day back in first grade like it was yesterday.
The sirens going off,
The loud and crazy sounds,
I even remember the guns drawn,

Pointed at my crown,
Remember the shaking of my bones and the loss of breath,
Remember the stripping of my shoes and my body being felt.

Remember wiping off the phone before I brought it close enough to touch.
Remember the people that I met when it went from one love to the next,
The charges being pressed,
While my back was caressed,

Remember the smiles from children’s faces,
And the races to the front desk,

Remember the elevator ride up,
And all the similar faces,

Remember the operator calling before I clicked accept,
Remember her interrupting the call to tell us how much time we have left,
Remember the weekly visits and how I looked forward to the next,

Remember the fancy clothes,

I mean the best of the best,
Remember wondering if you’d ever come home,
If justice would ever be served,
Your voice being heard,
You flying free like a true bird.

Now I wonder what you could’ve learned,

What piece was missed so you could avoid this?

What dollar was paid for others to ensure this?

What happened for you to be so misfortunate?

Was there a book missed or a problem not solved?

Did you leave something unresolved?

I mean I knew you’d done wrong, but I knew you hadn’t done this.

And yet there you go, locked up and caged,

Inferior and enraged,

No longer in your free space,

And it’s probably got to do with your race.

Their cage isn’t forever though,

One day you’ll be set free, like a free bird…

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