The Bubble that Popped Before The Star

Having children is amazing. You have the chance to create a being far greater than yourself and bring a new life into this world. Your baby comes out of the womb and it knows nothing other than what you teach it; what it hears, feels, and sees. Just as you and your partner have come together to mold the child while inside the womb you come together to assist the child in knowing what’s right from wrong – what’s good and bad.

As infants you hold their neck for support and ensure they don’t fall on the floor. As toddlers you them to stay away from fire, to read books, and have fun. As pre-teens you teach them how to work as team players and build sound friendships. As teens you teach them the values of responsibility and give them more freedom than before. Lastly, as adults you teach them how to successful live on their own.

Imagine the star quarterback being a young kid who didn’t believe in himself. He knew he was something special but he didn’t know if he could win the last game of the year. He’d been up against a lot of odds to get to this point but as time ticked away he just didn’t know if he’d make it. Time would only tell as the last minute ticked down. His coach stood on the sideline face anticipating a touchdown, parents in the stands holding their breath, crowd on the edge of their seats, and the time as has almost frozen when he fumbled the ball.

He looks at his hands, see’s no ball and immediately starts to cry and shout why. He’d tuned out the audience, his family, and his team. It was just him alone standing in the darkness. Time had frozen for him as his team rushed him in awe. The crowds erupt in cheers and that’s when he finally looked down.

See he was so caught up in what he seen as true that he couldn’t see what was actually happening. He couldn’t remember any lessons taught or any gems stored. All the strength inside and the belief somehow slipped out the door. Somehow he became many of us when we have the opportunity of our lives knocking at our door. He became the fearful child that didn’t want to let go of the handlebars, no matter how much mommy coaxed him to believe that he’d be alright when he made it to the floor. Like many of us he got stuck in the moment of what it would be like if he failed that he lost hope before he even realized he’d already won.

Something told me to let go a month ago just like the football player. Constant reminders plagued my mind in every shape and form but I was too in my head to see what was clear as day. What was really knocking at the door. I’d become too caught up with what I thought a year later would like look that I let a year come and didn’t even celebrate.

Focus on the fact that I reached almost 100,000 people in only a year and forget the part where I hadn’t blogged in two months due to life taking its course. Remember that people noticed I hadn’t posted and were anxiously awaiting my next blog, and forget that I don’t have the amount of followers I want. Remember that I’ve been noticed by some amazing people and incredible companies, and forget this agenda that I’ve created on what this moment would look like.

I’d mastered holding up my neck, exemplified confidence and self-respect, but the belief that I was all that I was simply hadn’t come yet. As irony would have it I received my validation when I looked down at the ground to see I’d made the touchdown. Although the final moment had come and I stood feeling defeated – the crowd erupted in cheer as if they were all apart of this victory lap on the field. I’d laid the brick and started the ground work on tackling the things that I wanted but they saw enough in me to support and show up to the games early instead of rolling up when I’d finally won it.

This moment was about many things but the main the thing was that I did the things that made me, me. The things that used to only be apart of my dreams. I did the things that scared me even when those I wanted to support me didn’t. I kicked down the doors of fear and tackled something I’ve always wanted. So here’s to you and the quarterback inside you. To the little girl or boy who that they could go past the moon. To the creative that wants to step out of their being and enter into the art of their freedom. The journey may not look like what you wanted but it damn sure will be worth it!

Author: Sonneblom Lex

Writing has always been my release. My hopes for you is that you find a release, motivation, and inspiration from the words you read and share it with someone else who needed it just like you. With Love, Sonneblom

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