Sonneblom Lex

June 27, 2019

Sunflowers dropping sun power,

Bringing smiles and a bunch of laughter,

Like a hot day could get any better,

Skin glistening,

Melanin sizzling,

Sunflowers bring me solar power,

The strength to tackle this day,

Because my sunflower is no sunflower,

Like a bird in the sky,

She’s reached her highest fly,

Like a petal in the wind she gave her final goodbye,

Sunflower, oh sunflower,

Won’t you stop on by?

Cause I’ve missed you,

Since I missed you,

And I don’t wanna say goodbye,

Sunflower my sunflower,

I thought I’d get more time,

I thought you’d grow up tall,

Keep blessing folks with that smile,

Keep slaying folks one face at a time,

I thought I’d have you past forever plus a dime,

Guess we ran out of lime,

No more tacos or wine,

I feel bamboozled by a lie,

Because this can’t be why,

I couldn’t of been so out of tune that I didn’t hear your cry,

Much like a butterfly,

You never knew the beauty you possessed inside,

It wasn’t only the outside,

But the core that made you divine,

Tasia, your my sunflower you lean only towards the sky,

And I’ll miss you until it’s my time,

Cause you were the brightest sunflower I’d ever come by…

Author: Sonneblom Lex

Writing has always been my release. My hopes for you is that you find a release, motivation, and inspiration from the words you read and share it with someone else who needed it just like you. With Love, Sonneblom

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