10 Tips to The Next Level

Life. Life has such a funny way of working itself out. When you sit back and think of the life you live you have no control, no real power, you’re simply a muse awaiting to be painted. Some things may go in your favor while others simply won’t… It’s this thought and this thought alone that trips me up almost every single day.


I mean.. I just don’t get it. How can this be my life when it was already planned way before I ever entered it? Do my efforts really matter or am I simply following the course that was already predestined for me? How does what was planned for me match up with what I had planned for myself? Or are they one in the same?


It’s questions like this one that keep me up at night wondering what’s to come. Like what’s next for Lex?


Other than turning twenty-six in exactly one month… truthfully I’m unsure what’s next… Which is why you haven’t heard from me in months. I never wrote for y’all – I wrote for myself and here lately I’ve began to question rather the writing is my what’s next? When the opportunity was there to expand my writing career I passed it up. The inspiration to write seldomly comes in the form of a long blog but rather in a short post.


The Blues baby….


If I’m fully transparent I’m in the midst of wanting it all while knowing that I can’t go after it all at once. From relationships to my walk in Christ and everything in between – I’m flooded. Flooded like the depths of the ocean my brain has been on overload. I want to pick up everything and feel everything but I know I just can’t.


I know the plans I have are too big to do half-ass. I also know that if I wait too long deciding which thing it is I want to do that I will inevitably allow the window to pass me by for every opportunity that could possibly arise. I’m in limbo – stuck in my mind afraid to just act. See, these aren’t the little dreams I thought of as a small girl but instead things that could change my life, heck things that could change the world.


My belief is that I’m not alone.


Somewhere out there in the big blue there’s a young woman or young man who knows everything they need to do. Who has a list a mile long of how they plan to impact this world – they just haven’t done it yet. If that person is you then this blog is for YOU.


First, I’ll share a few reminders on things that you possess that could push you to the next level. Because heck, we’ve wasted enough time on dreaming – it’s time for action right? In times of “doing” I’ll advise you the same way I do my ninth and tenth grade students – with action steps;

  1. Be on time: Prior Preparation, Prevents Piss Poor Performance
  • Say love, a wise man once told me; To be on time is to be late – to be early is to be on time.

2. Work Ethic:  Work like you always worked for yourself.

  •  Honey bunches, a teacher once taught me; If you wouldn’t pay someone to perform just as you do, then it is clear you need to adjust your performance.

3. Effort: You get in, what you put out.

  • A friend once told me; When life gives you lemons you either make lemonade or nasty ass water.

4. Energy: You can only give, what you have. 

  • Words from my therapist; Everything has a box it’s your job to place what goes where and deal with it as it arises. Recharge. Unplug. Breathe.

5. Body Language: Slouching is for animals, your a person sit up straight. 

  • Words from Sonneblom; Crossed arms means you’re closed off and poor posture comes off as being uninterested. If you don’t want to be here go home and take it up with ya mama.

6. Passion: It’s what drives you Beyond the money.

  • Words from Lex; If you wouldn’t do it for free, it probably isn’t something your really passionate about.

7. Doing Extra: Is for you, not for brownie points.

  • Words from somebodies Big Mama; What you do in public matters none if everything you do in private – you make public too.

8. Be willing to Listen: You haven’t heard everything.

  • Words from Myself; A stranger holds stories you’ve never heard, wisdom in which you’ve never learned.

9. Be Coachable: Common sense ain’t common, until somebody tells you.

  • Larry Morrow; Everybody wants to be in the game but nobody takes the time to study the plays.

10. Attitude: ATTITUDE

  • Confucius: The man who says he can and the man who says he can’t are both usually right.


Turns out I did have something to say – the thing is it wasn’t to you. Like I said, I didn’t start this journey for you so I can’t continue for you. Somewhere with all the technicalities of running my own site and creating amazing content I lost focus of who this was for – what this was for. As much as I may want to influence, encourage, and motivate others – I first want to do those things for myself not you. Today, we start fresh. A new season, a new journey, same basics but with a different twist. I hope y’all are down for the ride cause I missed you and I hope you missed me too. – Love Lex ♥

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